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Your Internet Presence Matters!

Today having a website is integral to the success of your business. It’s no longer just about having a website. Success online is about great content, connecting with your audience through a positive social media influence, and grasping where you rank in searches. All of these things, and more, play a part in your organization’s overall Internet presence.

On average, people spend more than 490 minutes of their day with some sort of media, according to a new report by ZenithOptimedia. source:

Just about everyone has a mobile device (or two) and some reports state that the average person in the U.S. spends 8 hours or more taking in media. This includes time spent surfing websites. That could include time spent surfing your website and researching your business.

Well, that’s if you can even be found!

Do you know that more people today, than before, go to search engines like Google to find out more about a business before stepping foot inside the place? Having a website isn’t enough. Having a great Internet presence can mean the difference between making a sale and not making a sale. It can mean the difference between having someone step foot through your doors, or going to a competitor.

What does it say to a potential customer when your website looks like something out of the 90’s, or when your information is inaccurate, incomplete or not compatible with their mobile browser? It says a lot!

It’s no surprise that having a high quality web person at your side is integral to any serious on-line endeavor. So what are you waiting for? If you have an interesting web project do not hesitate to contact us.

Featured Screenshots of Website Projects

Below I’ve listed a few website projects as a sampling of our work.

website design roemer industries
Website design featuring responsive technology
aqua website design for chiropractor
We love working with small businesses
website screenshot factory industry
Industry websites and product photography
website design for medical site
Simple website design for medical tissue services
industry website design
Low budget websites with a focus on ‘Content First’
design showing theme modifications
Designs utilizing WordPress theme modifications
database design
Back-end Data Base design

What’s New in Summer of 2017?

What’s new you might ask?
Well, I’m giving this website a face-lift soon and I’ll also be moving contents over to a new server. If that wasn’t enough, I’m also working on posting more details of projects past and present. Thanks for stopping by and stay tuned!

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wordpress cannot modify header information , headers already sent by…

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